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Banners that fit your 2018-2023 Polaris Ranger TIP OUT OR FIXED windshield!


This version does not have the cut outs on the top left and right sides to accomodate for the mounts on the top sides of the tip out or fixed windshields. But it is lower than the black coating on the inside of the windshield (the "frit"). Trimming around windshield mounts, and trimming for length may be necessary, but is easy to accomplish with a sharp, new razor blade. 


Click Here For Version 1


These are the windshields commonly found in the Northstar Ultimate/Premium. 


Your choice of material and shade.


Not currently available as an add on to a full kit. 


These windshield banners should not require any shrinking. But the windshield is curved, and in some cases it may be necessary. This is extremely easy to do, and the video to help is here...


That video is a Can Am, but skip to 8:41 and you'll see how to remove "fingers" in tint and make it curve to the inside of the windshield.

Polaris Ranger Windshield Banner With Wiper, Version 2

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