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Precut window tint to fit your glass (not poly) Polaris Lock N Ride Windshield with factory wiper. 


This pattern has a square cut at the bottom for the latch.


Please inspect your windshield on your machine to make sure this is correct, there is a second version. This version is also available from us. 

See the photo of the windshield and the part circled in red, please double check your machine has the latch that is completely square.


PLEASE NOTE -Windshields have a curve to them so you have to use a heat gun (NOT a hair dryer) to shrink the film to get "fingers" out. Please see our video at


For the best heat rejection and performance of HVAC systems, select ceramic film.


Use note section for any Special Requests(Example: 20% rear panel, 50% windshield)

Polaris Windshield Tip Out - Version 7

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