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The Pro Cleaning Kit


Every chemical and some tools you'll need to get your rig looking it's best again!




All premixed! Ready to use!




1 Can Aerosol Glass Cleaner

1 Quart FadeAway Vinyl Dressing

1 Quart Dark Fury Degreaser (shown but not labeled in main photo)

1 Quart Blue Ice Tire Dressing

1 Quart Bug Gluge Bug Remover

1 Quart Purple Haze Wheel Acid 

1 Quart Koch Chemie SfN Super Foam Soap (not shown in main photo, shown in 5L size in secondary photo)

1 Viking 24"X24" Microfiber Drying Towel (not shown in main photo)

1 Green Chemical Resistant Scrub Brush (not shown in main photo

1  Foam Cannon (needs pressure washer with removable tips, not shown in main photo)




Pro Cleaning Kit

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Pro Cleaning Kit
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